Computer Keys and Bottle tops from Soda and Beer.  Really?  Sure!  I have always loved graphics and color, followed closely by Word Play.  So by setting these materials in Sterling Silver they become fun and sassy accents to our hectic lives.
I have used bottle tops so old that the liners were cork.  I also use new bottle tops if I love the imagery or name.  All of the bottle tops are shaped and domed using dapping blocks and a ball shaped stake and a hammer.  The surface is highly polished and that helps maintain the image.  Real old bottle tops can be fragile tho., then I create the bezel frame to set the hollow bottle top.  All of these pieces are in sterling and the earrings are very lightweight and comfortable.  Many of the ear wires are lever back (hinged) so they aren't lost during wear.

Computer Rings in Sterling Silver  $100 and $125 (embellished)

Computer Key Earrings in Sterling Silver $200 

Computer Key with Stones Earrings  $235 and up

$100 Left to Right  sizes 7.5, 7.5, 7.25

$100 Left to Right  sizes 7.5, 8.0, 8.5

$125 ALT Ego size 5.25,
Control Freak size 8.25

$125 Num Skull Black size 9.0, White size 8.5

$125 Wonder Woman size 8.25
HOME is where the Heart is size 7.25

Back & SIDE View

Back & SIDE View

$235 Computer Key and Carnelian in Sterling silver w lever back wires.  Light and easy to wear!

$265 Flower Pot Earrings Carnelian in Sterling silver w lever back wires.  Light and easy to wear!

$300 Wake up Sleepy Head!  Cloisonne enamel eye Earrings Sterling silver w lever back wires.  I can make other eye colors!

$165 Shift Happens Necklace w 16/18" chain