Out And About Girls

About Me

Kay Cummins, Phoenix, AZ

I am a happy, fun person.  Probably as colorful as the jewelry that I create!  I love making things that make people smile. 

I have studied jewelry techniques for the past four years learning and experimenting with these ideas has helped me find my way to combine found objects into the design I imagined.  Enamel gives me endless eye popping options!  I combine it with tin, texture and words.  Enameled pieces are layered together. 

I work in Sterling and Fine Silver, Copper & Brass.  I Enamel on Fine Silver and Copper using both a kiln and torch.  Found Objects that I incorporate are bottle tops, vintage tin and lunch boxes, wooden rulers, game pieces, billiard balls and other things that I find irresistible. 

Computer and Lunch Box Rings
Starting at $145 sterling silver

Inspirations....where does it all begin?
  • Word play.  I think up funny little phrases and keep a little list of them tucked away. The BEST part is the words; whether, inspirational, witty, sweet, sassy or downright naughty, someone is thinking them! I love secrets my pieces have them....many are revealed on the back side. 
  • Vintage.  Something that has age and experience, perhaps a wrinkle or blemish.  I LOVE using found objects from an earlier time in a unexpected way.  It's all a part of my personal journey of embracing my Patina.  My personal definition of vintage is something created before 1970.
  • Color.   With enamel on metal and patina for metal, my crayola box is full! 
  • Playful.  Life is short and smiling and laughing is at the top of my list.  Some of my doodles and shapes may remind you of child art.  It's intentional.  Tap your inner child!


Have a memento you'd like incorporated?  A special phrase or message?  Please contact me for a custom piece.  Kay@OutAndAboutGirls.com