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Found Objects - Lunch Boxes

Did you carry a lunchbox?

"Good Man" and "Wiley"

A Blast from the past, these childhood icons make me smile.  Grown up and showing some patina I knew just what to do with them. 

Wiley?  Why yes you are! 

Good Man? Well all of us are looking for one!  Or if we are one of the lucky ones...we are grateful! 

These former lunch box tins are Stamped and bezel set in sterling silver. 
Pendants start at $195 and the collection changes quickly....I have a Good Man currently and many others.  Email me for specific characters. 
"Uh Oh"
$195 Vintage Lunch Box Tin and Sterling Silver
Uh Oh.... This vintage lunch box says "Unfortuately we're not playing should've".  Set in Sterling silver, stamped Uh Oh on the back.  $195.  Shown on a 18" Snake chain.  Quotable Quotes from some of your favorite lunch boxes.  "I could have Sworn we were number one!" and "We're Number One!" are also available.