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Kay Cummins, Phoenix, AZ

I have been studying jewelry techniques for several years, but consider myself a self-taught artist and just an Artsy Fartsy girl at heart!

My art is really about accepting the “patina” that comes with life…to use it to tell a story rather than to fight it.  I incorporate words and humor in my jewelry.  I use Sterling Silver, Copper, Brass, Enamel, Found Objects and Fiber. 

What is a Found Object?  Something that is treasured even though it’s value might be questionable.  I love to recycle tins, bottle tops, lunch boxes, rulers and more.  I combine and layer found objects with enamel and metalsmithing techniques to give a new life and purpose to something that may have ended up at the landfill. 

So where does accepting your patina come in?  Well, every day with the found objects.  They may show a bit of wear and tear from their former life, but reinvented to make someone smile, they go out and do it!  We all have some patina, I say be proud of it!

Rack 'Em Up!
$200 Billiard Ball and Sterling rings

Wake Up Sleepy Head Earrings
$295 Computer Key, Cloisonné' Enamel and Sterling Silver


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