Billiard Balls are distinctive and completely unexpected as jewelry.  They will get you a lot of attention and generally aren't for shy people; that being said, you will love owning one!  All of my Pool Ball jewelry is made from REAL, Retired Pool balls and set in sturdy Sterling Silver Settings in my studio. 

As a kid we had a pool table in the Rec Room.  My brother and I played for hours!  We were under the illusion that we were good!  Of course that dream was shattered when I was in college and played in bars with REAL players.  I still love the game!  Rack 'Em Up!
Note:  Billiard balls are number 1 - 15 and the ivory Cue ball.  The colors are what they are and are standard by number.  But I do custom work, just contact me!

Billiard Ball Rings in Sterling Silver  $200

Billiard Ball Cuff Links in Sterling Silver $295

$200   Size 10   Sterling Silver heavy hammered band

$200  Size 6.25 & 11.25 Sterling Silver heavy hammered band

$200  Size 6.25 & 8.0 Sterling Silver heavy hammered band

$200  Size 7.75 & 7.5 Sterling Silver heavy hammered band

$200  Silver heavy hammered bands

*13 sz 8.25  *9 sz 7.75  *15 sz 8.5 Sterling Silver heavy hammered band

SIDE View of band and edging

$200  Silver heavy hammered bands

*2 sz 7.75  *1 sz 8.25  *6 sz 7.25 Sterling Silver heavy hammered band

One of a Kind - Bowling with Wonder Woman!  Billiard and Lunchbox Neckace with handmade Chain.  $695*2 sz 7.75  *1 sz 8.25  *6 sz 7.25 Sterling Silver heavy hammered band

$295 BACK View Bullet/Toggle Backs in Sterling SilverSterling Silver heavy hammered band