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Fordite is Auto Paint recycled from Ford Auto Plants.  A new find is Corvetteite which comes from Bowling Green, KY where all of the Corvettes have been build since 1981. 

Fordite is a byproduct of the auto industry, a build up of paint over spray that occurred on the production line, cut and polished, it reveals great patterns and metallic layers. I have fallen in love with these layers and think you will too! At this point my inspiration takes off and settings are created in sterling silver.

Texture, layers and stories evolve in my metalwork creating a finished piece of jewelry that in truly unique.  I forge, stamp, solder, form, patina and set these pieces.  Most work has a reference to Ford or Corvette as appropriate and occasionally a bit of humor.  All of my Fordite will be stamped as such and hallmarked.  The same goes for Corvetteite. 

As often happens the painting methods have changed.  Ford began retrofitting their plants in the mid 80's, Corvette in the Mid 2000's.  Most of this material ended up in the landfill.  What I have found was picked up from workers that collected pieces from the paint areas and took them home.

It is rare and hard to find.  I have collected for close to 10 years.  When it's gone, it's gone.  I have a pretty good stash, but most often create custom jewelry and my client chooses their stone.  My work is not inexpensive.