Billiard Balls  All of my Pool Ball jewelry is made from REAL, Retired Pool balls and set in sturdy Sterling Silver Settings in my studio.  Each is one of a kind.  Custom order availble!  

No. 1 Big Bird - $520 Billiard Ball, Enamel, Lunchbox and Sterling Silver

Me and My Ball and Chain $895  32" large textured link chain, Billiard Ball Pendant Sterling Silver

Lucky 13 $300 Billiard Ball Pendant Sterling Silver 

SEVEN Ball $250 Billiard Ball Pendant Sterling Silver

*Perfect 10 $250  and  *Lucky 13  $300  Billiard Ball Pendant Sterling Silver

BACK View Billiard Ball Pendant Sterling Silver



Equal in My Eyes (11 Ball) $250

Equal in My Eyes BACK View

Lucky 13 BACK View



Bowling with Wonder Woman $695 on 20" large textured link chain, Lunchbox & Billiard Ball Sterling Silver

BACK View Pendant Sterling Silver

Magic 8 Ball Pendants $250 and $300


Billiard balls are often custom orders.

I have a LARGE selection so contact me and I'll make something just for you!