Lunchboxes, ah those retro tins that held those love notes from Mom and perhaps our first Hostess Cupcake!  I use them and other tins that were created with the images and characters we love.  Please note that I have not reproduced any of the images, but purchased them.  I cut apart the lunchbox and I create a Cabochon or focal piece by building up the tin. Then I begin the fabrication using sterling silver sheet, wire and various metalsmithing techniques. Almost every piece has a message on the back side.  My extra effort for the wearer.  :-D


Superman "Up, Up and Away" Lunchbox, Carnelian and Sterling Silver $278

"Ka-Boom" Wonder Woman Lunchbox in Sterling Silver $320

"Here to Save the Day" Mighty Mouse Lunchbox in Sterling Silver $250

SEE BILLIARDS PENDANT tab for detail $695

"Always have a back up Plan!" Wile Coyote Lunchbox in Sterling Silver $278

"Women are the Wave of the Future" Lunchbox in Sterling Silver $250

"Don't Mess with it!" Wile Coyote Lunchbox in Sterling Silver $278

"You are da Bomb!" Wile Coyote Lunchbox in Sterling Silver $278

$250 each.  Taz and Beware of Dog avail.   Snoopy SOLD"

$250 "This Like is for you Superman!"

$250 & $278 "Up, Up and Away!" has a Carnelian Stone

$250 Each.  Vintage Pooh, Pooh with Bees, Pooh w Piglet

Tigger $250 (face)  Tigger Bouncing SOLD Kanga and Roo $300

Peanuts Lunchbox Phrases $250 Each

$165 each Small Pendants 

$250 Pink Panther Pointing 

$250 Pink Panther posing 

$250 Marvin the Martian w Carnelian stone 

$200 Flying Ace Snoopy  

$200 Pendants.   
Cookie Monster $165Monster is $165 

$200 Pendants.   
onster is $165 

$200 Robin

$250 Cat in the Hat & Felix the Cat Grinch $165

$250 Mickey Earrings

No. 1 Big Bird, Lunchbox, Enamel and Billiard Ball Pendant $520

$165 Bert Pendant only